Translation Services

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The more complex your documents’ structure, the more necessary a computer graphics expert becomes. His or her job is to lay out text and images using Desktop Publishing (DTP) software to make the translated document identical to the source document. This way, publishing can be carried out without any extra costs. Our knowledge of European, Oriental and Asian fonts (northern, eastern and western Europe, as well as Greek and Russian; Arabic and Turkish; Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Hindi) enables us to lay out all your documents without any character corruption.


Before products are exported, they must be adapted to the targeted market(s). Products sometimes need to be modified and, what is more, all the related documentation must be translated. “Localization” refers to all of these processes. VERBINDLICH can manage part or all of the localization of your products. In order to succeed in commercializing your products abroad and in minimizing costs, we advise you on the best procedure to follow from conception onwards. Localization requires a lot of coordination between the protagonists (authors, translators, programmers, etc.) and solid time management. Our experience in these fields enables us to guarantee you impeccable services.


Whichever language you choose to translate your website in, VERBINDLICH can independently manage your source files. Thanks to our expertise and thorough knowledge of tags, we are able to translate your web pages without damaging code or links, and without any additional delay. What is more, your pages are ready to be uploaded and put online immediately.